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Get it Right With the Best Website Builder for Small Business

There’s no shortage of website builders to choose from. Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose Website 360® for your small business website.

8 reasons to build your small business website with Websites 360


#1. It’s easy — anyone can do it

It wasn’t all that long ago that it was completely unheard of for a business owner to build their own website.

Not only did it take a lot of time (which is something most small business owners just don’t have) but it took a lot of skill and experience in web design to produce anything that looked halfway decent.

But, thanks to website builders, like Websites 360, anyone — no matter how little they know about code or design — can build their own website successfully.

Gain control of everything from colors and fonts to images and layout with a user-friendly builder. Plus, dynamic design controls allow you to make site-wide changes in an instant!

You’ll even be able to easily implement advanced design elements to make your site stand out, like moving graphics, drop shadows and gradients.

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#2. Choose from a library of beautiful design templates

When you decide to build your own business website with Websites 360, the first step in the process is choosing a design template.

With a large library of templates to choose from — including many industry-specific options — it’s easy to find the right option for your needs. Plus, since every template is 100% customizable, you can truly make it your own.

Websites 360 offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes customizing whatever template you choose quick and easy. You don’t even have to know a single line of code!

Content blocks also allow you to add and rearrange content. And, images can be dragged straight from your desktop, eliminating the need to attach files.

When you’re ready, you can publish changes to your site with the click of a button.


#3. Get a modern site that works on every device

Most of the people who visit your small business website will be doing so using their smartphone, which means that having a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must.

That starts with choosing a responsive design.

A site that’s responsive will automatically reconfigure based on the device being used. So, whether someone is visiting your site from a desktop computer, a tablet or a phone, they’ll have a similar experience in terms of how the site looks and works.

Every Websites 360 website is created to be 100% responsive and designed to scale on any and every device.


#4. Get found on search engines

When someone searches for relevant keywords on Google and Bing, you want your business to show up. It’s that simple.

Visibility is critical for any small business’s success online (and offline for that matter). To put it bluntly, if your site isn’t visible, it may as well not exist.

While paid advertising can help you increase your visibility in the short-term, it’s also expensive. If you want affordable, long-term success, you need to show up on search engines, and for that, you need SEO (search engine optimization).

With a Websites 360 website, you can position yourself for organic online visibility because every site is built with search engines in mind.

Structured data, automatic sitemaps and easy-to-use SEO tools make it easy to make sure your site shows up on top of Google and Bing for relevant keywords.


#5. Make sales from your website

Websites 360 makes it easy to build a fully functional online store, where you can showcase your products and services, and make sales seamlessly and securely.

Using best-in-class design tools, you can make your products stand out. Write attention-grabbing product descriptions, add beautiful photos, display all of the different options and so much more.

Offer your customers a check-out experience that’s quick, easy and totally secure, and enjoy a payment processing and management solution that’s designed to scale with your business.

Plus, manage your store with Websites 360. Track your inventory, manage shipping options, accept payments and more.


#6. Next-level integration with third-party apps

Make the most of your Websites 360 website by integrating the third-party apps you rely on the most.

With Websites 360’s third-party app integration, you can:

  • Pull your social media feed right into your website.
  • Include social links to make it easy for website visitors to follow you on Facebook, Instagram and more.
  • Stay on top of your site’s performance with Google Analytics, Clicky and other monitoring tools.
  • Create custom forms that integrate with your CRM.
  • Allow and manage comments with the best platforms, including Disqus, LiveFyre and IntenseDebate.
  • Use OpenTable to make it easy for guests to make reservations from your website.

#7. Professional design whenever you need it

Of all of the benefits of building your website with Websites 360, perhaps the biggest and most impactful is the ability to utilize expert design talent whenever you need it – and for an affordable rate.

For a lot of small business owners, the decision to build their own website often means forgoing any kind of professional help. But, with Websites 360, you get the best of both worlds.

Whether you prefer to do everything yourself, you want a professional designer to build your site from the ground up or you want help with individual projects as they come up, Websites 360 is the way to go.

Get as little, or as much, help as you need.


#8. It’s backed by an all-in-one digital marketing platform

Websites 360 offers a small business owner everything they need to build a beautiful, professional, modern website, but as I mentioned before, having a great website means very little if it’s not visible.

The right business website must be backed up with digital marketing, and that’s where Marketing 360® comes in.

Marketing 360 has everything you need to manage and grow your small business, including email and text message marketing, social media management tools, a customizable CRM, creative tools, payments solutions and so much more.

Best of all, everything integrates seamlessly with your Websites 360 website.

With Marketing 360, you can manage every aspect of your digital marketing and online presence from one place. It’s a game-change for busy small business owners who want to save time and maximize their ROI.

Plus, you’ll gain access to SEO experts, video pros, ad specialists and more professional digital marketers who can help you get it right.

Ready to experience these and the many other benefits of building your business website with Websites 360? Pick a template to get started.