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Tips for Building a Better Product Page

To say that product pages are important is akin to saying that Andre the Giant was tall. It’s technically true but also a huge understatement. The fact of the matter is that your product pages may be the most important aspect of your e-commerce website. If your product pages aren’t effective, your website won’t be, either.

Getting your product pages right is one of the most important aspects of building a great e-commerce website. It doesn’t matter how attractive your homepage is or how revolutionary your navigation is. If your product pages aren’t up to scratch, you won’t find the success you’re looking for.

With a little know-how, you can ensure that your product pages are effective and built to convert.

How to build a more effective product page

#1. Include high-quality images

You can have the best product descriptions in the world, but you won’t get the conversions you want without attractive, professional images. The bottom line is that people want to see what they’re buying before they buy it. And, quality images will make people feel more confident in making a purchase online.

High-quality product pictures are key to success, and you’ll want to ensure that you get a wide variety of images for each product. These images should include different angles of the product, as well as general and detailed images.

#2. Identify the problem the product solves

When someone is shopping, it’s because they have a need (or want). Writing a product description is an important aspect of building a quality product page, and a part of that product description should be identifying a problem and how the product can be used to solve it.

Here’s an example:

Cleaning your gutters is time-consuming, and if you skip it, you could end up with a clogged gutter and a leaking roof. With life-changing gutter guards, cleaning your gutters will be a thing of the past. By keeping twigs, leaves and other debris out of your gutters, gutter guards keep your gutters clear and clean. Best of all, they’re quick to install and don’t require any special equipment!

#3. Make the cost clear and easy to find

The first thing someone will do when they find a product they’re interested in is look at the cost. Cost is an incredibly important thing for most people to consider, and it can often supersede all other criteria. After all, if someone cannot afford the product in question, they aren’t really going to care what color it comes in or what it’s made of. Make the cost of your products loud, proud and prominent so that it’s easy to spot.

In addition to making the cost of your products obvious, it’s also important to give your shoppers some context as to the kind of deal they’re getting. They may or may not have shopped around very much by the time they come to your product page, so they may not understand how good of a deal they’re getting. If you’re offering your product at a discount, make sure it’s obvious to your shoppers.

In some cases, the cost of your product might actually be higher than comparable products that your shoppers may find elsewhere. There may be a great reason for that higher price. Maybe it’s made of higher quality materials, or maybe you offer a lifetime guarantee. Regardless, make sure that you explain the difference in cost.

#4. Provide delivery information

Make sure that the delivery information is very clear on your product page. People want to know when they’ll receive the product and how much it will cost them to get it delivered. If you’re able to provide free shipping, make that very clear. Free shipping is a huge draw for most online shoppers!

You can use fast shipping as a way to encourage your shoppers to buy now. A call to action, like “Buy now to receive it by Wednesday!” will help to light a fire under your shoppers.

#5. Include customer reviews

One of the things that makes shopping online challenging for many people is that it takes a lot of trust. Most retailers — and marketers — will claim that their products are the best of the best. With so many products out there that are supposedly “the best,” it can be difficult to figure out which one to purchase.

Your shoppers are much more likely to trust what your customers say about your products than what you say about them, so make it a point to include customer reviews on your product pages. Your shoppers will feel a lot more confident about purchasing your product when they can read the testimonials of other happy customers.

#6. Make the check-out process quick and easy

Once you’ve made the case for purchasing your product, the last thing that you want is for a clunky, time-consuming check-out process to lead to your customer abandoning their cart. Make sure every step of the checkout process is as quick and as easy as possible to avoid tripping your customers up with any unnecessary obstacles.

#7. Make it easy for people to share your product on social media

Making purchases is an emotional process, and when someone is excited about a new product, oftentimes, they want to share it with others on social media. You can make it easy for your customers to do so by including social media buttons on your product pages.

The easier it is for your customers to share your products on social media, the more exposure and visibility your products will get

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Originally published on 4/3/20