Website Features Your Business Needs in 2021

Today, a small business’s website is its home online. It’s where prospective customers go to learn about the business and services, check out the products, schedule appointments and more.

People are used to instant gratification these days, and they’re also used to the convenience that comes from being able to do almost everything online, from grocery shopping to parent-teacher conferences.

When people visit your small business website, they expect it to have the kind of functionality and convenience that they’re used to. Keep reading to learn about some of the key features your small business website needs in 2021 to meet the needs and expectations of modern consumers online.

Features modern websites need in 2021


Responsive design

Back in the day, most people browsed the internet on a desktop computer, which is why websites are primarily made with desktop users in mind. However, smartphones have changed all of that.

These days, most of the people visiting your site will be using their smartphones or tablet, and your website needs to be ready. That starts with having a responsive design.

Responsive website design ensures the best experience on any device by automatically reconfiguring your site based on the device being used. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when building a mobile-friendly website, but responsive design is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Online booking

A modern small business website does more than just inform your customers about your products or services and team. It’s an extension of your customer service team, and as such, it should be able to do some of the basic tasks a customer representative might handle.

Your website, of course, can’t do everything your team can do, but it can do the simple stuff, like booking appointments.

By offering online booking, you’re offering your customers a quick and easy way to reserve a table, book an appointment, schedule an estimate, sign up for a class, etc. Plus, you’ll spend less time on the phone and more time on the job.

Payment gateway

Not only should your customers be able to book services, tables and equipment online, but they should be able to pay for them, too!

Whether you’re selling products in an online store or booking appointments, accepting online payments makes it easier and more convenient for your customers to settle up. That means that you need a payment gateway on your website.

Having a payment gateway will allow you to accept credit cards online. Look for an option that meets your specific needs. For example, if you offer monthly memberships, look for a payments solution that works with subscriptions, like Marketing 360® Payments.


A clean, simple look

A professional, modern website has a clean, simple design that isn’t too crowded or busy. The less there is going on, the easier it will be to direct your visitors’ attention where you want it to go.

Keep it simple by choosing one main message and one main CTA (call to action) above the fold (the part of your website that’s visible without scrolling) on each page. And, use plenty of white space to make individual elements stand out.

White space isn’t always white. It’s merely space that isn’t filled with content, like text, images or buttons. It can be any color, a pattern or even a background image.

Image-heavy design

The old saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words” is taken to heart in the world of website design. These days, most modern websites have a lot less text and a lot more images.

People make a decision about whether to stick around on your website or not within the first few seconds of coming to your website. That’s not enough time to read about your team or services, or to even watch a video testimonial. But, it is enough time to look at an image or two.

Images are what hook your visitors in and keep them sticking around, and as such, they should be the pinnacle of your website. And, make sure that you choose high-quality, professional images as much as possible.

Built-in SEO

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one visits, it really doesn’t matter what your website looks like or how effective it is. One of the key ways businesses are found these days is on search engines, like Google and Bing.

When someone searches for keywords that are relevant to your business, like “restaurant near me” or “plumber in Denver,” it’s imperative that your business comes up on the first page as much as possible.

Ranking high for competitive keywords doesn’t happen overnight, and it involves adding fresh content to your site on a regular basis, as well as optimizing your site itself. But, organic success starts with built-in SEO tools, like Schema markup.



Video has become the kind of online content as of late. TikTok and Instagram Stories have helped to take video consumption online to all new levels, and video content has become a must, both on your website and in your social media feed.

Web pages that have videos tend to rank higher, convert better and visitors stay for longer. And, it’s versatile enough to be used for everything from product demonstrations to customer testimonials.

Not only is video content a must for your website, but you can use it in all of your marketing efforts, including on YouTube, in your ads and beyond. The sky’s the limit where video is concerned, and it’s something every small business should be taking advantage of on their website.

Whether you don’t have a website for your small business yet or your website isn’t up to today’s standards, the Websites 360® website builder makes it easy to build a professional, modern small business website.

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