Improve Your Website Images

You asked for it...we listened. Check out Websites 360®'s new image editing features. Now it's even easier to customize your image shapes, styles and sizes right from our design panel. You no longer need Photoshop or a separate photo editing software to make basic image modifications. This fantastic new toolset will save you time and allow you to customize your images for a professional look.

Website Image Editing Features

Change Your Image Shape

Switch up your shapes. With our new image shape editing feature, you can convert your website’s images into circles or squares easily and quickly. Choose image shapes that give your website a unique design that reflects your style.

Change Website Image Shapes

Change Your Image Size

Image size matters when putting together a stunning website. You can now resize your images right in the design panel, saving you the time it would take using a different photo editing program. Whether you want all your images to be the same size, highlight your most important images, or just want to vary image sizes across your website, our image sizing feature lets you take the look of your website’s images into your own hands. Give your website a more polished look, or design your galleries to feature your latest work with ease.

Image Sizing Tool
Website Image Sizing Tool

Add A Drop Shadow

Add depth to your images. Our new drop shadow feature lets you add a drop shadow to any image with a simple click of a button, adding contrast, dimension and personality to your website’s images. Try it out to see the difference a drop shadow can make in your website’s design.

Image Drop Shadows
How To Add A Drop Shadow

Add A Border

Make your images stand out. Quickly add borders to your images with our new border tool, which lets you customize your image borders by choosing the color, opacity, and width. Match your borders to your website’s current theme for a polished look, or emphasize your images using contrasting borders. Whatever your design idea, our border feature lets you experiment to get the unique look you want.

Website Image Borders
Image Border Tool

Websites 360® Gives You the Image Editing Tools You Need

Save time, look great. At Websites 360®, we listen to your feedback and are constantly adding functionality to our platform to make it more powerful and easy to use. Whether you’re working with large image galleries or just want to highlight a single image on a page, our new image editing features let you easily change the look of your website without dealing with confusing code. Try our new image editing features today!