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4 Things Your Real Estate Website Should Have

Just like a property needs curb appeal to bring in buyers, a website needs the right imagery and content to capture website visitor's attention. See four things you should include on your real estate website to attract more visitors, and turn them into clients.

1.) A strong value proposition

What makes your real estate business better than the rest? Is it your local knowledge, years of experience or school district expertise? Think about the main selling points of your business, and use them to create a strong value proposition.

This value proposition should be front and center on your website’s homepage, so you can capture your website visitor's attention, fast.

2.) Client testimonials

Show off your work through glowing past client testimonials. Showcasing testimonials can help improve your trustworthiness by showing website visitors the success you've had with past clients.

To gather these testimonials, it helps to have a reputation management plan in place. A reputation management plan helps you get more reviews/testimonials through automated emails and texts, as well as keeps track of every review that comes in for your business online.

Marketing 360® Reputation makes managing your reputation easy so you can grow your online reputation, fast.

See 5 tips on how to use testimonials on your website.

3.) Stunning photos

The age-old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words," is well-known in real estate. Having current photos of the properties you're selling is a must when building a marketing strategy for your sellers. On the same note, having current photos of your firm's real estate team, your recent wins and your current inventory is a must when you're marketing your own business.

Your website should use strong photos and imagery throughout your pages, and also have a portfolio of sold properties and current inventory for people to browse.

4.) A clear call to action

Last but not least, you don't want website visitors to leave your website without taking action to contact your business.

Think about what exactly you want visitors to do, and make it clear to them through an enticing call to action.

For example, say you want people to call your business. A call to action, such as "Call now for a free consultation," directly communicates what you want them to do (call), as well as what they'll get in return (a free consultation).

Another way to get people to contact your business is through helpful content downloads. For example, you could put together a great resource with information about all the neighborhoods in your area, and offer it to visitors on your website in exchange for their contact information.

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Originally published on Marketing 360®