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Your All-in-One E-Commerce Solution

The last year was a tough one for the vast majority of small businesses across almost every industry. One of the few exceptions to this was e-commerce, which had a banner year in 2020.

Stay at home orders and social distancing has led to more time spent online, and at least some of that time has been spent online shopping. In fact, retail e-commerce sales grew 27.6% in 2020, which is impressive, especially when you consider that it was projected to drop by 16.5% mid-pandemic.

The traction that e-commerce has gained over this last year isn’t expected to go anywhere anytime soon. Incredibly, e-commerce sales are projected to keep growing in 2021 and are expected to reach the $5 trillion mark this year!

Whether you’re already in the e-commerce game, you’re looking to transition from a physical retail store to an online store or otherwise building an e-commerce business for the first time, Websites 360®, backed by the power of the Marketing 360® Shop App provides you with everything you need from one place.

Get everything you need to manage and grow your online store


Build a modern e-commerce website

There are a lot of moving pieces to running a successful online store. You have to be able to accept payments, manage your inventory, navigate shipping and more, but all of it starts with your e-commerce website.

The Websites 360 website builder makes it easy to build your online store from the ground up. Simply pick from a library of e-commerce design templates and make your site your own with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Websites 360 websites are responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that you can accommodate all of your shoppers, no matter what device they’re shopping on. They are also designed for search engine domination and backed by unbeatable support whenever you need it.

Highlight your products with a beautiful, modern online store that offers the functionality your customers want and expect, including the ability to browse products, select the options they want and check-out with ease.

Add products to your store

With Websites 360 and the Marketing 360 Shop App, it’s easy to add both digital and physical products to your online store, as well as to edit and remove products as needed.

Inform your customers by adding key details about your products, including variations, attributes and specifications. You can even add different images for each option you offer for individual products.

Underscore your best-selling products and best deals by organizing the sort order of your products your way. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping products in your catalogue. For ease, you can also sort your products by date added, price or title (alphabetically).

Best of all, managing your inventory is easy when you assign a unique SKU number to each of your products. Never accept an order for an out-of-stock product again!

Accept payments

You need a reliable payment processing solution if you want to sell products in your online store. Give your customers peace of mind by making sure it’s trustworthy and secure. The Shop App is integrated with Payments, which makes processing payments easy and manageable.

A quick, simple check-out process will make for a more streamlined shopping experience for your customers, and with just a few speedy steps, fewer customers will abandon their carts.

Not only does the Shop App make accepting payments easy, but it also allows you to manage all of your payments from one place.

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Manage your orders

View all of your orders right from the Orders page on the Shop App. Each order appears as soon as a customer checks out. Stay on top of your new orders with email or mobile push notifications. Plus, keep track of offline orders in the same dashboard by manually adding them.

From a single dashboard, you can see key details about all of your orders, including customer name and email address, the tracking number, the order number and the payment and fulfillment status of the order, making it easy to manage your orders.

You can also update the details and status of your orders, search for specific orders, filter your orders by date, payment status, fulfillment status, payment method, products and more. You can narrow your search even more by sorting by multiple filters at once.

Manage and keep track of abandoned carts on your online store, and recover abandoned carts by reminding customers via email marketing through the Nurture app.

Manage shipping

Managing shipping for an e-commerce store can be one of the biggest headaches owners have to deal with. The Shop App helps to simplify the matter by allowing you to manage every aspect of shipping from one place.

With the Shop App, you can set up local delivery, create and print shipping labels, add and manage destination zones, set pickup specifications for individual orders, set product-specific shipping rates and more.

By adding precise weights for each of your products, you can ensure more precise shipping estimates for your customers at check-out.

Set up taxes for your online store

Before you start accepting online sales, you’ll want to talk to a local tax expert to find out if the products you’re selling are taxable, as well as what the tax rates are for your products. And, determine whether you want to set up automatic or manual taxes.

Enabling automatic tax calculation will help you stay up to date with changing tax laws that may affect the rates of your products. However, you can also set up taxes manually.

Create sales and discounts

Entice your customers to check out certain products, move products that are clogging up your inventory, drive sales and build customer loyalty by offering sales and discounts on your online store.

You can offer your customers all kinds of discounts, including a percentage off, a fixed value off, discounted or free shipping and a combination of any of these options. Discounts can be offered for individual products as well as product categories. Or, customers can enter unique coupon codes at checkout.

When your products are on sale, the new value will override the default price, and will show struck out, helping to highlight sale products.

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Offer a secure shopping experience

It takes a lot of trust for a consumer to shop online. In order to make a purchase, a customer must enter a lot of personal information about themselves. This includes their name, phone number, email address, shipping address and credit card information.

Give your customers peace of mind when they’re shopping your online store by offering them a secure shopping experience.

Online stores built with Websites 360 and managed through the Shop App are built with security in mind. Each online store uses secure hosting, is PCI DSS certified, always runs via HTTPS and never collects credit card information, which is handled by a secure payment gateway.

Take advantage of outside sales channels

In a perfect world, every customer would shop on your website, giving you full control over the entire transaction. However, what’s more important than total control is making sales, and it’s smart to do so wherever your customers are shopping.

With the Shop App, not only will you have everything you need to sell products on your own online store, but you’ll also be able to make sales on popular outside sales channels, including Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, eBay and Google Shopping.

Selling your products on multiple channels will mean more visibility for your products and more exposure for your business. It’s also a great way to build momentum when you’re first starting out.

Manage your customers

Whenever a new customer places an order on your store, their information will automatically appear on your customer list, where you can see and manage all of your customers at once. Add key details about your customers and see their order history.

Stay organized by creating different groups for your customers, like wholesale customers, VIP customers, B2B customers, etc. From there, you can offer discounts and special offers for different customer groups, which are activated when customers log in.

When a customer makes their first purchase, a customer account will automatically be created for them using their email address, and they can log in with a personal link in their email. This makes future check-outs even faster and easier.

With a Websites 360 e-commerce site and the Shop App, you get all of this and more from one place. Pick an e-commerce website design template to get started.