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Why Your Website Needs an About Us Page

When a new prospective customer is introduced to your business for the first time, the first place they’ll often go is to your About Us page to learn more about your business and the services or products you offer.

About Us pages are important, but they’re also some of the most overlooked pieces of content on a small business website, because business owners often see them as less necessary than service pages and products pages.

Here are a few reasons why it's important to have an About Us page on your small business website.

6 reasons to have an about us page


#1. Tell your story

Stories are how we connect with the world around us, and storytelling is a critical part of a successful marketing strategy. Your About Us page is the perfect opportunity to share your own story.

By sharing your story, you’re giving your website visitors and customers something that will resonate with them, something they will remember and something that will inspire their loyalty.

Consumers are willing to pay more for a familiar brand. By telling your story, you help to make your brand more familiar and relatable.

#2. Highlight your unique value proposition

Why should someone choose your business over the many others who could meet their needs? What is the one thing that you offer that your customers can’t get anywhere else?

Maybe you offer an industry-leading inventory or specialize in a niche service. This is your unique value proposition (UVP), and your About Us page is the perfect place to highlight it and expand upon it on your website.

Your About Us page should not be the only place where customers see your UVP, but it’s the perfect place to explain why you’ve chosen your UVP.

#3. Explain your why

Whether you’re a pet groomer or a personal trainer, there’s probably a reason why you’re doing it. Maybe you have a soft spot in your heart for dogs, or you’re passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals.

Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing will help you stay passionate about your mission, even when things start to get tough. And, when you include your why on your About Us page, it shows your visitors that you’re passionate.

Did you start your business because you always dreamed of working in that industry? Or did you start your business with a passion for helping others? Whatever the answer, make it a point to highlight it on your website.


#4. Build trust

Trust is one of the most important things to cultivate for a small business, especially one that’s operating online. No one wants to work with an inexperienced business. Instead, they want to know they’re in good hands.

As I said before, people need a reason to choose you above your competitors. In many cases, they’re going to turn to whoever they trust the most.

Your About Us page is the ideal place to build a little trust with your visitors. It’s where you can demonstrate your experience, education, certifications and more.

#5. Strengthen your brand image

Like I mentioned, a brand is essentially a story. And, the best way to build a brand people connect with and remember is to make sure that it tells a good story.

Your About Us page can be used to strengthen and reinforce your brand, and the content for your About Us page should be in line with your brand guidelines, including your voice, design, colors and more.

Use your About Us page content to establish and elaborate on your brand identity.

#6. Celebrate the people behind the scenes

In any business, the product or service itself is a small part of success. It’s the people within your business that truly make a difference in the impact you have and the amount of sales you make.

Your About Us page is the perfect place to take some time to celebrate the behind-the-scenes people who make it all possible for your business and your customers.

Not only will this show your employees how much you appreciate them, but it also shows the human side of your brand to your customers. That helps to establish a more emotional, long-lasting connection.

About Us pages are largely overlooked, but they can be incredibly powerful in many, many ways. Learn how our team can help you build a great About Us page, or choose a template to get started!