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What's New at Websites 360®: Instant Image Optimization

We've been working on some new enhancements that we're excited to introduce to you.

Image Resizing

We've built a new imaging service, which resizes the images that you upload to your Websites 360® website. It does this as you go, instead of in a batch when you hit the green Publish button, so you benefit from the resizing while you work on your website, even before it goes live.

The main benefit of this for you is that it allows you to upload your bulkier images directly into your Websites 360® website without having to first use photo editing software, like Photoshop or iPhoto. Once they're in there, our system does the work of trimming down the page-load time. So when users come to your website, they won't have to wait for your logo file to load, for instance, or your home page image to appear. The images will appear quickly, with no extra work on your part to resize them.