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The Benefits of Simplicity in Web Design

Your website is your business’s main hub online. It’s understandable that you might have a lot of information you want to share on your website, and you certainly want it to stand out online. However, no matter how much information you have to share online, it’s important not to let the design of your site get too complicated.

When it comes to web design, simplicity is the name of the game. But, simplicity doesn’t have to mean a boring design or an overly basic site, and simple also doesn’t have to mean minimalist.

Simple websites still need to have all of the essential elements, and they still have to get your message across.

Building your own website is a great way to save money and own your business's online presence, and when you do, it’s important to keep it simple.

5 reasons to keep it simple when designing your website

#1. It makes for a better user experience

When someone comes to your website, they should be able to find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. And, this is exactly the kind of experience you can provide for your visitors with a simple website design.

If your web design is too complicated, it can leave your visitors wondering what to do next or hunting for what they’re looking for. This doesn’t exactly create the best experience for them, and not too many of them will look for long before deciding to move on to your competition.

Whether you own a painting company or an online jewelry store, you have more than a few competitors online hoping to work with the exact same people that you are. It’s important not to give your visitors a reason to look elsewhere.

#2. It will perform better on mobile devices

These days, most people aren’t searching for products or services from a desktop computer; they’re searching from a smartphone. What’s more is that fewer people even own desktop computers, which means that having a site that works great on mobile is no longer something that’s optional.

There are many aspects of a mobile-friendly website, including having a responsive design, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is the simplicity.

If your site has too much going on, it’s going to be difficult for people to be able to read it on a mobile phone. It will also be difficult for them to click on buttons and other links when they’re clicking with a fingertip on an overly crowded site.

#3. It will load faster

In general, sites with simpler designs load faster than sites that are overly complicated. And, since load speed makes a huge impact on everything, from how your website ranks in the organic search results to your bounce rate and the kind of experience you provide for your visitors, page speed is definitely something you should focus on.

Having a simple design is just one aspect of a fast-loading website. There are so many different things that come into play, including the web hosting you use. Even a website with the most basic design could take forever to load if you’ve used a cheap, unreliable web host.

Making the design of your website simple in order to speed it up involves minimizing images and other graphics. It also involves eliminating anything unnecessary that could be slowing down your website, like large images or graphics.

#4. It leads to more conversions

At the end of the day, everything you do online, from advertising on Facebook to creating social media posts, is about getting more conversions. So, why not make your website as convertible as possible by keeping it simple?

Sites that are too complicated can often become cluttered with so much information that the point of the page ends up getting lost in the shuffle. But, when you use a simple design, it makes it easier for you to draw your visitors’ eye to your main call to action, which is, hands down, the most important aspect of any page of your website.

When your visitors are ready to become customers, a simple design makes it easy for them to learn what to do next. It also prevents them from losing interest in working with your business and turning to one of your competitors instead.

#5. It makes building your site easier

These days, businesses have two choices when they want a website — they could pay someone to build a site for them or they could build a DIY website on their own. Turning to an expert to build your website can be pricey, but building your own website can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the world of web design.

Luckily, website builders, like Websites 360®, make it easier than ever before to build your own website without needing the help of professionals. However, when you do, it’s essential that you keep it simple.

Not only will a simple web design provide a better experience for your users, but it will also save you a lot of pain and frustration when you build your own website. Simple websites are much easier to build than more complicated sites, and they take less time, too.

It’s ideal to have a website that is informative and helpful, but don’t get so caught up in the weeds trying to include everything that you end up with a busy, overly complicated website.

Whatever you do, always remember to keep it simple when building your website. Get started with Websites 360 today!

Originally published on 2/6/20