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Start Your Christmas Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Now

The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them come more and more customers starting to search for Christmas gifts. While these searches do occur year-round (albeit in minimal numbers), according to data from Google Trends, searches including the term “Christmas gift” tend to rise exponentially starting in late October and early November.


Google Trends for "Christmas gift"

Searches in 2013 (shown in red above) started to pick up in early November, and peaked the week of December 15 – 21. Searches in 2014 seem to be following this trend so far (shown in blue above).

How To Beat the Competition

Competition for website traffic from Christmas shopping customers is fierce since the return on investment is typically higher around this time of year. This competition will only increase as Christmas week approaches. There are several specific actions that you can take in your AdWords campaign to improve your visibility on Google search results pages.

1) Use Efficient Keywords

If you have run a pay-per-click campaign in years past, look through your campaign’s history from November through December to find keywords that performed well for you, and use these again. Make sure to exclude any keywords that had a high spend-to-conversion ratio. You will want to spend your marketing budget on keywords that provide results instead of on highly competitive keywords that you will have to spend far too much on in order to rank well.

2) Increase Your Budget Or Set A New One

The average cost per click for keywords tends to rise around Christmas due to increased competition. Because of this, your normal budget is likely to be spent very quickly. Therefore, we recommend either increasing your normal daily budget, or creating a new campaign with a new budget to take advantage of the rush of customers with a high likelihood to convert.

3) Create Enticing Callouts

Callouts are a new ad extension available through Google AdWords, and are great for highlighting what makes your product or service unique or better than the competition. Do you offer a discount? Free shipping? 24/7 customer service? If so, include it in your callout.

Need Help?

Many business owners are already overwhelmed in the fall shopping season, and don’t have time to manage or create an AdWords pay-per-click campaign. If that is the case for you, feel free to reach out to us for a free SEM Audit*, and we’ll be happy to take a look at your campaigns and potential.

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