Built In Website Analytics

New Real-time Analytics Feature

At Websites 360®, we're constantly adding new features to our platform based on client feedback, and we're excited to announce our brand new reporting tool. Quickly check your website's traffic right from the Websites 360® dashboard. You can also see what devices your viewers use to browse your website. Best of all, there's no code to implement this new reporting functionality - we've already set it up for you. Website Only and Website + CRM & Email customers can simply click on the reporting tab within the dashboard overview page. From there, you'll see your unique website's stats automatically. Interested in boosting your website's traffic? Check out our marketing packages. With Websites 360®, it's easier than ever to create, manage, and promote your online presence within one simple platform.

Real-time analytics are only available on our Website Only and Website + CRM & Email plans. Basic and Premium customers can upgrade through the Websites 360® dashboard. To learn more about this new feature, contact us today.

Website Builder with Built In Analytics