How Websites 360® is Different than WordPress

“How are you different than WordPress?” has become one of the most common questions that our team seems to get these days.

For some people, WordPress is synonymous with the word website. At Websites 360®, we are quickly trying to change that mindset. Don’t get us wrong, WordPress is a good platform if you are a serious blogger, experienced developer, or have an in-house IT team.

Unfortunately, with a WordPress website, your site is only as good or optimized as the person who is building it. There are many creative shops building WordPress websites, but they’re certainly not all created equal. Our biggest warning to any client weighing their options is to make sure that they understand that choosing WordPress as their CMS won’t magically give them or their business a leg up on the competition.

We might be biased, but in our eyes Websites 360® is a superior solution for small businesses needing a turnkey solution with beautiful designs, great support, and fantastic SEO, all while breaking their dependence on developers. (Don’t take our word for it, give it a test drive for yourself here and let us know your thoughts.)

Below are a few reasons why we vote Websites 360® over WordPress.

Website Building Platform

#1 SEO

We’ll admit that WordPress has some sleek templates, but they’re written with code that can be confusing for Google to crawl. You’ll need to download plugins and/or hire developers to build your site to be SEO friendly. Then, you’ll need to update these plugins every time a new version comes out.

SEO can be a tricky concept to grasp, and the constantly changing SEO landscape can make it even more difficult to keep up with SEO best practices. That’s why we built Websites 360® with SEO in mind from the very beginning. Our structured data approach uses industry-standard principles, which help Google, Yahoo and Bing understand what your unique website is all about. Our websites also come fully responsive and are written with clean code, making it simple for search engines to crawl your content so you can get found in search results faster. And the best part? This comes standard on all Websites 360®t websites, so you don’t have to worry about downloading plugins, or hiring an expensive developer to clean up your website’s code.

We also offer SEO tools for those who want to take their SEO a step further. Easily adjust your website’s meta data, add canonical URL’s, correct pesky 404 errors and more - check out the full list of SEO tools here. We even have SEO Experts ready to help through our SEO packages (something you won’t find at WordPress).

Overall, WordPress websites have the potential for great SEO, but it takes some work, time, and money. With Websites 360®, you can spend less time optimizing your site and more time running your business.

#2 Ease Of Use

With WordPress, you may need to know HTML/CSS in order to make simple changes. Figuring out how to add a page, changing your text color, or switching up your content structure can require some time and effort, and you may find yourself spending money on developers every time you want to make a change on your website. With Websites 360® you can break your dependency on developers - our intuitive platform lets even the least web-savvy people make changes without touching a single line of code.

Easy Website Builder

Our goal is to empower small businesses to easily build and manage their online presence. That’s why we make ease-of-use an ongoing focus for our website building platform. With drag and drop features, inline editing, beautiful design options and one click publishing, our platform makes it easy to build a beautiful website without hiring a developer. In addition, we are constantly adding new usability features based on customer feedback, so your voice will be heard.

Take it for a test run to see how easy building a website can be.

#3 Support

While WordPress has an extensive support forum, it’s hard to find someone to talk to when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Even then, you can’t call in and talk to someone, and may have turn to developers to make simple changes - just a slight content change can cost you money when you’re paying for developer’s time.

Website Customer Support

At Websites 360®, we take support seriously. From an extensive (and growing!) support library full of videos and articles to answer common questions, to 24/7 online and email support, we’ll help you find the answers you’re looking for, fast. We even offer live support for concierge customers, so you can call in and speak with a Websites 360® specialist.

Building a website can be tricky, even with an easy-to-use platform like Websites 360®. Our support specialists are here to help you along the way.

#4 Multi Site Management:

While WordPress has plugins that allow you to access multiple WordPress sites under one dashboard, you may find yourself paying extra for all the “add on’s” that come automatically with Websites 360® such as user management, backups, maintenance and security.

Website Building Tools

Websites 360® makes it easy to manage multiple websites within one dashboard while only having to remember one login. This makes Websites 360® a great option for franchises and organizations with multiple web properties. With different access levels, easy billing, secure hosting and no versioning, all your sites stay safe, secure, and accessible all under one roof.

Get everything you need with Websites 360®’s multi-site management, without hidden fees.

It may sound like we’re tooting our own horn, but we do so confidently. We’ve spent years listening to our customers and building a website platform that lets businesses build the powerful web presence they deserve. We want business owners to take their website’s back into their own hands without sacrificing design. Our easy-to-use platform achieves just that. While WordPress may be a better choice for some companies, it’s not the only choice businesses have when building their online reputation. Try us out today, and see how simple it can be to build a beautifully effective website.