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How to Use Video on Your Site

Video is a powerful thing to include on your website.

There are a lot of musts to include when building your website. It needs to have a responsive design and be mobile-friendly; it needs to have keyword-rich, informative, easy-to-read content; it needs to have a simple, user-friendly navigation. And it needs to include video.

In the world of inbound marketing, video is an incredibly powerful tool, and it’s something every business can and should harness on their website.

A few great reasons to use video on your website:

  • Videos boost conversions - Adding a video to a landing page has the potential to boost the conversion rate by as much as 80%.
  • Videos increase visibility - A website that includes video is 53 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google’s organic search results and can increase a site’s organic traffic by more than 150%.
  • Videos make your products and services easier to understand - Video provides information in a way that people can understand, which may be why most consumers would rather see videos more than any other type of content.

The truth is that there are a million reasons to utilize video on your website — as well as in your other digital marketing efforts — but knowing how to use it is often a different story for many small business owners.

5 ways to harness the power of video on your website

#1. Demonstrate your products or services

Video is the perfect medium for explaining your products or services to your audience. It allows you to show your audience what is difficult to put into words. Instead of just telling your visitors about the features and benefits of your products or services, you can show them with a video.

When you utilize video marketing on your product pages, it allows you to give your visitors a more in-depth, detailed look at your products, including every angle. You can also give your visitors a demo of how and when to use the product.

#2. Put an emphasis on what your customers have to say

Every business has its own strengths and weaknesses because every business is made up of people who are fallible. However, businesses obviously don’t exactly highlight those weaknesses on their websites, which is why people weigh what a business’s customers have to say about it much more heavily than what it says about itself. And, one of the best ways to emphasize what your customers have to say about you is through video testimonials.

Including video testimonials on your website is an excellent way to build more trust and credibility with your visitors. They are an incredibly effective tool because they tell a story in a way that people can connect with, and they increase confidence in potential customers. Video testimonials are also very shareable on social media, which can help in your social media marketing efforts.

#3. Add how-to videos to your blogs

Visibility should be the focus of any digital marketing strategy, which is why your blog should be a consistent focus on your website. Although SEO (search engine optimization) is a multi-faceted thing, simply adding content to your website regularly via your blog is one of the most critical aspects of an effective SEO strategy. Video will help you do more with your blog, while also helping to boost your organic visibility.

Your blog is the perfect place to show your visitors how to do certain things that are relevant to your business. For an e-commerce store, that might look like demonstrating how to use certain products. For a service provider, like a plumber, that might look like demonstrating how to do basic plumbing tasks that people often do themselves anyways, like how to unclog a toilet or keep your drains clean.

#4. Tell your story

When a consumer is working with an unknown business online, there’s always some level of risk involved. That means that anything you can do to help build trust in your brand is an important step to take, and that includes helping your visitors get to know you a little better. One of the best ways to do that is by telling your story with a video.

Using video, you can help your visitors get to know your business in a way that’s engaging to them. This might include a history lesson of how the business was founded, an overview of some of your most notable accomplishments or even a celebration of your company culture, which could include a clip of a company party or a volunteer day.

#5. Keep your customers informed

As I mentioned earlier, the trust thing is a critical part of any business’s success online. This is especially true if you’re in an industry that your customers may not have a lot of knowledge about. One example of this is computer repair. If someone knew how to fix their own computer, they’d do so in the first place. But, as many people don’t know a lot about how to troubleshoot computer problems, they turn to the professionals, whose recommendations they have to be able to trust.

One of the best uses of video on your website is to create educational content for your customers. Educating your customers and visitors about the whys and hows of what you do and what you recommend through video is a great way to use video on your website because it helps to build trust.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use video on your website, but the bottom line is that when designing your website with the Websites 360® website builder, you don’t want to forget to use video!

Originally published on 4/9/20