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How to Make Your Law Firm Website More Visible

Every attorney needs a professional, modern lawyer website where potential clients can go to learn about the firm and areas of practice, schedule a consultation or appointment, read testimonials and more. However, a great attorney website is just a start.

A website is only as effective as it is visible, and a successful online presence for your law firm means a visible one.

7 ways to make your law firm website more visible

#1. Get listed

Not everyone will look for a law firm in a Google search. Some will search for an attorney on Lawyers.com or Avvo, while others will search on Top Rated Local® or Yelp. But, wherever they’re looking, it’s important that you’re there when they do.

Make sure that your law firm has a listing anywhere and everywhere people in your area are looking for your services. Also, make sure that all of your listings throughout the web are updated with your current contact information and hours of operation.

Not only will keeping your listings up to date ensure that clients can always reach you no matter where they find you, but keeping your business information consistent across the web will actually help your rankings on search engines.

#2. Optimize for search engines

When someone searches Google or Bing for “lawyer near me” and other relevant keywords, you want to ensure that you rank near the top of page one. Not only are organic leads free, but they’re people who are actively searching for what you have to offer, so they’re also high quality.

Where you rank on search engines is largely out of your control, but there are many things you can do to increase your rankings and visibility, including optimizing your website for the relevant keywords you want to rank for.

Naturally use important keywords in meta tags and descriptions, page titles, headings, alt image tags and in the body of your content, but make sure that you don’t stuff keywords that don’t fit.

#3. Get more reviews

Regardless of whether prospective clients find you on a local directory, a Google search or on Facebook, in most cases, they’re going to want to read your reviews before they schedule a consultation or appointment.

Having plenty of current, five-star reviews will help you build more trust with potential clients and get more leads on the books. Best of all, search engines love reviews and will rank you higher when you have them.

Google and internet users have something very important in common — they both put a lot more stock into what your clients say about you than what you say about yourself. When people write reviews, especially when they use relevant keywords, it will help your organic visibility online.

#4. Advertise on key channels

Advertising is a key way to get your law firm’s name in front of a lot more people. For the best results, launch multi-channel advertising campaigns across the top channels, including Google and Facebook, and use targeting to get in front of the right audience.

The more channels you advertise on, the more people will see your name and message. And, by having one, cohesive campaign, you’ll be able to keep your message consistent across every channel.

Always A/B test your campaigns and keep a close eye on your performance. This will help you maximize your ROI, capture market share and drive high-quality leads to your website.

#5. Be active on social media

With the pandemic, social media use is at an all-time high. And since smart marketing is about being where your potential clients are looking, you need to establish a presence on the right social platforms, namely Facebook and LinkedIn.

When deciding which social media platforms to use, make sure that you avoid overextending yourself. You don’t necessarily have to post every single day on every platform, but it’s important to stay active.

Posting on social media will help you connect with your community, build trust, stay relevant by being an active part of the conversation and more. Most importantly, though, posting on social shows potential clients that you’re open, in business and involved.

#6. Create videos

Thanks to TikTok, video has taken the social media world by storm, and it’s now a key aspect of an effective social media management strategy. However, the power of video goes far beyond social media.

People connect with video. It’s better and easier to comprehend than reading a blog or even looking at an image, which is why it outperforms every other type of content. Videos can show up on top of organic search results, and pages with video convert at a higher rate.

Another great reason to start doing video marketing is that video is incredibly versatile. You can publish videos on YouTube, use them in social posts, include them in ads, embed them on your website and so much more.

#7. Stay connected

Increasing your visibility with prospective clients is awesome, and it’s absolutely an important aspect of a law firm’s success. However, staying connected with past clients and people who have a previous interest in your brand also pays off.

Email and text message marketing are great tools for staying in touch with both present and past clients, as well as potential clients who opt-in. Plus, automated campaigns are quick and easy to build and implement when you have the right tools.

For everything from collecting feedback from clients to reminding clients about upcoming appointments, text message and email marketing are awesome ways to stay connected.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your website more visible, but it’s important that, when people do find your website online, it’s professional, attractive and functional. If it’s not up to par, it’s time to build one that is.

Websites 360®’s law firm website builder is intuitive and easy to use. A library of beautiful law firm website templates and a drag-and-drop editor give you a great starting point and make the process of building your own website fast.

Having a strong online presence for your law firm is more critical than ever before. Don’t wait. Build your law firm website today.