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How To Build A Veterinary Website That Converts

When it comes to choosing a vet, pet parents are picky. They want someone who knows their stuff and want to know that their four-legged friends are in the best care possible.

So, they’ll do their research. Maybe they’ll scour review websites, compare vets in their area and/or ask family and friends for recommendations.

When they get a recommendation for a vet or see one that catches their eye online, the first thing they’ll do is visit their website. If your website is outdated or doesn’t show off what makes your veterinary practice the best, you risk losing these new potential clients.

Here’s how to build a veterinary website that converts website visitors into new clients at your practice.

Make it mobile-friendly and responsive

As of the first quarter of 2021, it was found that mobile devices accounted for 59% of organic search engine visits. Having a mobile-friendly website gives mobile traffic the best user experience possible, and can help you make a great first impression no matter what device someone is using to visit your website.

Create a great user experience

When it comes to website convertibility, experience is key. If someone comes to your website and can’t find the information they’re looking for, or if your website isn’t working, they’re likely to hit that back button and search for another option.

A clear navigation structure that lists your website’s pages is a great way to promote a great user experience. It’s also important to use internal linking, like buttons and calls to action, to make it easy for website users to find more information about a certain service.

A clean, simple website design, like those created by the website design experts at Marketing 360®, is a must when it comes to creating a great user experience and converting website traffic into new clients.

Use trust signals

People want to choose a vet that they trust. Would you send your pet to a vet that you didn’t research, one with less than stellar reviews or one with outdated credentials? Foster trust by highlighting your experience on your website. Show off your education, years of experience, awards, accreditations and past client testimonials and reviews.

It’s especially important to highlight positive reviews on your website to promote social proof and show your website visitors that you’re a vet they can trust. You can host reviews on a testimonials page, or by using the Top Rated Local Badge® across your website.

If your online reviews are lacking, a reputation management tool, like Marketing 360 Reputation, can help you gather more reviews and keep an eye on your online reviews across the web, all from one place.

Incorporate video into your website design

Videos are another great way to foster trust with potential clients while giving them a peek inside what makes your practice unique.

A practice overview video embedded on your homepage is an engaging way to introduce new clients to your practice. In the video, you can show a quick tour of your practice, introduce yourself and your vet techs, and talk a bit about what makes your practice unique.

Make it easy to schedule appointments

People are busy. When it comes to tasks, like booking appointments and making reservations, they want the easiest solution possible and can grow impatient by long phone waiting lines or clunky online reservation systems.

Make it easy for your new and existing clients to book appointments by using an online appointment scheduler, like Marketing 360 Scheduling. With Scheduling, you can set staff availability, let people choose from different appointment types and customize your scheduling system to fit your practice’s needs.

Highlight contact information

Last but not least, make sure your contact information, including your address, phone number, email and hours, is listed in your website’s navigation. If you’re an emergency vet practice and are open 24/7, make sure that is listed front and center on your website.

From our ready-to-go website templates and scheduling tool to our experienced web designers, we have the tools and talent vet practices need to create a stunning website. Learn more about our plans and pricing today.

Originally published on Marketing 360.