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How to Build a Memorable Brand

Whether you install air conditioners or sell shoes online, chances are, there are probably many other businesses in your industry that offer the same things, and for a comparable price.

Finding success — both online and off — largely depends on your ability to differentiate yourself from the many other businesses that are similar to yours. One way a business does this is by creating a memorable brand.

What’s in a brand?

Brands are powerful. The right brand leads to brand loyalty, which is worth its weight in gold. Here are a few things every business should know about brand loyalty.

  • When consumers are loyal to a brand, they’re more likely to refer the brand to friends or family, spend more money with the brand, and join the brand’s loyalty program.
  • Consumers see loyalty to a brand as making repeat purchases and shopping with the brand despite a higher price.
  • Most consumers say that customer service increases their loyalty to a brand.
  • Loyal customers outspend new customers with each visit.
  • Increased brand loyalty leads to increased brand recognition.

It’s easy to see how brand loyalty can benefit a business. But, in order to build that kind of loyalty, you first need to build a brand that stands out.

7 tips for building a memorable brand

#1. Share your story

While your competitors may offer the same products or services that you do, one thing that’s completely your own is your story.

Some businesses have been owned by families for generations and have rich histories in their communities. Others are newer and founded by people who saw a need and set out to fill it.

Whatever your story is, you should keep it in mind when building your brand, and you should share it with the world. It will make your brand more human and relatable, which will make it easier for consumers to trust.

#2. Have a personality

There are a lot of different things that go into your brand, but one thing that will stand out the most to your customers is your personality. So many different brands have mastered their own personality, and that personality is one of the things that people remember most about the brand.

Think about brands that are known for having humorous commercials. Geico is one brand that comes to mind when I think of personality. Insurance may be a dry, boring thing, but through memorable, hilarious commercials, like the Geico Cavemen and the Geico Gecko, they’ve made a name for themselves as lighthearted and fun.

#3. Be true to who you are

Nothing damages a brand more than inauthenticity. If you try to paint your brand as something that you’re not, your customers are going to see right through that.

Everything about your business has to reinforce your brand. It’s not just your website or the tone you use on social media; it’s about the customer service you provide, how you talk to your customers, the quality of your products or services, how you handle mistakes, and more.

Authenticity is a key part of setting your business apart, so make your brand a reflection of who you are as a business.

#4. Reflect your company culture

Your team is a big part of what makes your brand unique. You can work all day and night to make your brand one thing, but if your team doesn’t understand or back that vision, you’re not going to get the results you want.

Instead of trying to develop a company culture around your brand, develop your brand around your existing company culture.

Think about how your employees interact with one another, about how they encourage each other and work through problems together. Think about what you look forward to each day when you go to work.

#5. Provide a brand experience

As I said, your brand is something that is reflected in everything you do — every time you interact with a customer, every time a customer buys a product or schedules an appointment, every time you answer the phone.

Make your brand stand out by working to reinforce it in every experience you provide.

One brand that has done this well is Chick-fil-A. Whether you’re at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru or visiting a location in a mall or airport, you know exactly what to expect. They’ve nailed the experience so well that it’s become part of who they are.

#6. Figure out how you add value

When most founders set out to build their business, they aren’t really all that focused on the money they’ll be making or the jet-setting lifestyle they’ll be living. Most business owners are thinking about what they can do to better the lives of their customers.

Every business adds value to its customers and community in some way, shape, or form, and when you’re building your brand, it’s important to consider exactly how you add value to your customers.

#7. Fight for a cause

Brands that stand up for their communities and work to make the world a better place make a lasting impact on their customers.

One brand that is known for fighting for causes is Ben & Jerry’s. Ben & Jerry’s uses its ice cream flavor to fight for social causes it believes in. These flavors include “Empower Mint,” “One Sweet World,” and “Save Our Swirled.”

Building a stand-out brand is essential for your success, but it’s just the beginning. You also have to know how to get your brand out there, and online, that starts with having the right website.

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Orignallly published on 6/23/20