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Creating a Digital Persona

Bringing your personality to life in a website can sometimes seem a bit daunting, especially when you’re a small business. How do you take all your personality and place it into your website? With a little bit of thought and few key design decisions, it can be done quite well.

Who are you?

Are you a corporate professional who means business? Or are you a laid back local shop with tons of personality? First, you need to define yourself and know who is listening. Once you know what your traits are and what makes you YOU the process starts flowing.

Where to begin?

Now that you have pondered who you are, you have to figure out ways to show it.

Your voice

Writing content in the correct tone can make a huge difference. Think about fun ways to name menu items, for instance. 8th Wonder adds in some personality in this way by calling their products page ‘Brews.' Another great way to get your voice across is through social media. Do you tweet a lot? Stream it onto your site! Or start a blog and keep people coming back to your website.

The 8th Wonder Brewery website

Your look

What do you want to look like? 8th Wonder is bold and different, and it shows through the color scheme, font choices, and photos. Carefully choosing the correct colors, fonts and photos can make all the difference in conveying who you are to your visitors.

Have fun using your website as an expression of who you are!