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Comments for Blog Posts

Calling all bloggers!

Blogs are essential for small business today, mainly to create a connection with their community. Whether it's a personal journal, product income, or just a talk about what's going on in your business today, there are all types of bloggers and readers. But once you start building a community around your blog, interaction is bound to take place. Your readers want to have a say in your topic, tell you how much they enjoyed your post, or just give a commentary!

  • Logo for Disqus, a commenting platform with an integration with Websites 360®
  • IntenseDebate is a commenting platform Websites 360® customers can use on their Websites 360® blogs.

How do you make that interaction happen?

We have a few great options and they are free to use - Disqus and IntenseDebate - for you to integrate comment capability onto your blog, and they work seamlessly across devices as well. Note another great thing is they are both free!

An added plus for each of these platforms is that readers can comment from social media accounts and share the blog post there, too!

Now that you know that you have that option to add to your blog in your website, how do you go about adding the comments section to your posts?

Here are our support articles about connecting to the various platforms:

Making comments available for your blog post is a great tool to help bring more traffic to your website and start building a community of people who look forward to participating in your blog, or just love what you have to say!