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A New Main Street: Today's Window Display

Window shopping on Main Street is something that we’ve all probably experienced. It’s also something we take part in hundreds of times a day, but more on that in a minute. A store’s or parlor’s front window displays were some of the first examples of marketing and advertising. For a business owner, a display was an invitation for customers to come on in. If the glass was not smudged with handprints of onlookers, the display was probably not tantalizing enough.

A display needed to be inviting and pleasing and clearly communicate the shop’s purpose. Customers wouldn't dare enter an establishment if a front window display was overwhelming and confusing. A front window display was a business owner’s first interaction with a potential customer, occurring even before the handshake.

Sadly, fewer people shop on small-town Main Street in 2014, but the idea remains the same. Main Street has expanded into every one of our offices, living rooms and phones. Even if they are unaware of it, all small business owners still have a front window display. In 2014, websites must communicate the same things that a display window once did, because potential customers constantly “walk by.”

We are more connected to the world than ever before. If someone is looking for a service, whether to buy clothes or to get an ice cream cone, the customers no longer must physically place themselves in front of your business. Instead, they can look through your front window at all times, whether on their phones while riding in the car or at their desks while trying to figure out the best options.

Quick searches and clicks are at an all-time high, meaning that the accessibility and cleanliness of your business’s website now are your first interactions with a customer. Ignoring the functionality of your web presence is like trashing your window display and praying someone gives you a shot.

At Websites 360®, we are window display renovators. We ensure great websites in three main ways:

  • All of our websites are fully responsive across all devices. Meaning, they look just as good on a Windows Tablet and iPhone as they do on a desktop. This is like having a great display that’s just as clear from across the street as it is up close.
  • Our sites are built to perform well on search engines. This is like having a corner shop that everyone passes. These businesses are landmarks. Search Engine Optimization can make your business a fixture on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  • They are all very easy to manage. You don’t have to be a tech genius to manage your site on our platform. A shop owner wouldn’t spend all his time at the front window, because that’s only a small minutia of the job. Websites 360® keeps you off the screen and focused on your clients, while providing you with a great site that serves as a pleasing first interaction.

As business owners, you should not ignore the importance of the first interaction with someone. Whether it’s valid or not, a website is now the first impression. Websites 360® wants to help make that exchange an excellent one.