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6 Tips for Designing a Consultant Website That Converts

Your consultant website is where prospective clients go to learn about your services and experience, but if you want to turn prospective clients into clients, you need to make sure that your website converts. Here’s how:

How to design a consultant website that converts


#1. Have a clear value proposition

Consultants, like all professionals, have a lot of competition to contend with. If you want your business to be successful, you need to be able to communicate the reason why your clients should choose you over your competitors.

Take some time to think about why clients might choose you. Do you offer lower rates than your competitors? Do you offer unique services that others don’t? Do you have certifications or experience that sets you apart?

Whatever it is that makes you special, communicate it clearly on your website. Make sure that it’s front and center so that it’s obvious and others won’t miss it.

#2. Make sure it’s mobile friendly

Too often, small businesses build their website on a desktop computer and forget that the majority of their visitors will be on a mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet.

But, the truth is that if you forget about your mobile users, it’s unlikely that you’ll provide them with a good experience. Not only can that negatively impact your mobile visitors, but it can also hurt your site’s organic visibility on search engines.

Make sure that your website is built to provide a good experience to all of your visitors by choosing a responsive website design, which will automatically reconfigure itself based on the device being used.


#3. Choose a user-friendly design

When someone visits your consultant website, it’s usually for a specific reason. Maybe they want to learn about your services, background or experience. Maybe they want to get a quote or check out your rates.

Regardless of why people come to your website, it’s critical that you make it easy for them to do whatever they came to do. That means that your website needs to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Use a simple, easy-to-use navigation system, like a menu-style navigation. This will allow visitors to select the options they need and find what they’re looking for without too much trouble.

#4. Demonstrate your value with testimonials

Most of the time, it’s going to take more than just your word to convince visitors that you’re the right consultant for their needs. Lots of consultants claim to be the best, but not all of them actually are.

What’s a lot more powerful than what you say about yourself is what your past clients have to say about you. Getting reviews is a key part of building a strong reputation, but they’re even more powerful when you use them on your website.

By displaying testimonials on your website, you can harness the power of social proof and make your website more convertible.


#5. Have simple, consistent branding

If there’s one thing that’s important to the effectiveness of your consultant website, it’s having a simple design. The more complicated and busy your website, the less effective it will be.

Keep the design of your website simple and straightforward, and use plenty of white space to highlight important elements, organize your content properly and make it look professional and elegant.

Also, make sure that you have consistent branding on every page of your website. Regardless of whether someone lands on a service page, your About Us page or a landing page, there should be no confusion that it’s a page on your website.

#6. Emphasize your call to action

What do you want your visitors to do when they land on your website? Do you want them to fill out your contact form, call you to set up a consultation or learn more about your services?

Whatever it is that you want your visitors to do, it’s important to make it obvious to your visitors. You do that by having a clear call to action, and by emphasizing your call to action in multiple places on your website.

One of the best ways to highlight your call to action is by surrounding it with plenty of white space. This will make it clear and obvious, and direct your visitors’ attention to exactly where you want it to go.

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